Refined serenity in beautiful Bruges

For luxury, charm, decadence, comfort and impeccable service the Hotel De Orangerie is without parallel.




Julie and Manon Vermast accompany us on a two-day journey back in time to medieval Bruges with their personal tips. The sisters run the Romantik Hotel De Orangerie in the heart of the city and really know their way around.

Landelijk wonen

Heden en verleden ontmoeten elkaar bij Romantik Hotel De Orangerie in Brugge.


Het 4-sterrenhotel l'Orangerie langs de Dijver in Brugge heeft er een opvallende fan bij. De Amerikaanse wereldster Courteney Cox (53) - bekend als Monica uit Friends - verbleef er drie dagen en besloot prompt de inrichting van haar nieuwe villa in Malibu te baseren op de stijl van het hotel. 

Romantic Spots in the Benelux

Hotel de Orangerie is a true family business. Father Jan Vermast and his two daughters Julie and Manon have been running it for over a year. They kept the hotel spirit and foundation as it was; warm, homely and with a personal touch. Jan Vermast: “We wanted to preserve the soul of the hotel, but it must remain up-to-date.” Everything is focussed on the homely feeling, but with a luxurious touch and service..

#Nanouk Blog

Nanouk The Cauwer has the following to say about Hotel de Orangerie:

"Planning a romantic getaway in Belgium? Maybe this blogpost gives you inspiration.
Bruges, elegant buildings, inviting market squares and picture postcard canals.
This medieval city captured imaginations for centuries.
I love strolling around in Bruges with the kids, they are always amazed by this Venice of the North."


NG Traveller: Brugge

"For period appeal, it's hard to beat Hotel de Orangerie.
Housed in a former monastery, this grandoise, four-star property takes guest back to the Belle Époque with ist sumptuous rooms, antique furniture and stately interiors. Overlooking the main canal, the hotel has hosted a roll call of celebrities of the years. David Hasselhoff has also stayed here."

антикварная СвежеСть Hotel de Orangerie

на канале ден-дижвер (den dijver) 
в брюГГе — Городе невозМожной Сказочной краСоты —
в плотной заСтройке Старинных зданий выделяетСя СвоиМбеленыМфаСадоМчетырехзвездочный отель hoteLde orangerie. пряМо СеГо терраСы Можно отправитьСя в Маленькое путешеСтвие на Моторной лодке по каналаМ СлебедяМи, чтобы Своды увидеть 
наСтоящие флаМандСкие пейзажи.


The Telegraph

Article in ‘The Telegraph’ recommending Hotel de Orangerie.

"Romantic, sumptuous, historic, de Orangerie is one of a handful of small hotels in the heart of Bruges that established the city’s reputation for being not just a place to visit, but somewhere to stay and linger in pampered luxury."

Brugsch Handelsblad

Hotel Orangerie wins the World Travel Award and is crowned the Best Boutique Hotel in Belgium.

Source: Brugsch Handelsblad 20/09/2013

The New York Times

Article in ‘The New York Times’ recommending Hotel de Orangerie.

"Wedged between a quiet cobblestone lane and the Dijver canal, the elegant Hotel de Orangerie boasts 20 cozy, romantic rooms with antiques, floral-print décor and canal views."